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Bibó István; Dénes Iván Zoltán; Balogh Iván; Tóth László Dávid / Bibó István egyetemi ...Bibó István egyetemi előadásai, 1942-1949
Sipos László / A közhasznú szervezetek ...A közhasznú szervezetek joga
Czibere Ibolya; Kovách Imre / Fejlesztéspolitika - ...Fejlesztéspolitika - vidékfejlesztés
/ Fogorvosi pathologia: ...Fogorvosi pathologia: fogorvostan hallgatóknak


Megjelent: HERJ
Megjelenés dátuma: 2014:01:08
Absztrakt: This paper discusses the policy and politics of inclusion of European Roma students into mainstream educational system. It argues that critical discussions around inclusion cannot avoid detours into examination of (self)exclusion, (self)separation, and the visions and ideals of more socially just education. In examining these topics, the paper contributes to the discussion on amalgamation of educational policies and practices that would acknowledge the possibilities, ambiguities, and setbacks of travelling practices such as inclusion.

Megjelent: HERJ
Megjelenés dátuma: 2013:05:31
Absztrakt: In our study, we present the results of our questionnaire-type survey which aims to examine reading habits and techniques of information acquisition in the tertiary-level institutions of the Partium region – a region bordering Hungary. Based on the methods of the traditional sociology of reading, we surveyed the reading, internet and library using habits of the students with quantitative methods. One of the major practices of questionnaire-type surveys is that examinations in the field of the sociology of reading have to follow the new type of reading that has come to life due to sociological and technical changes. Because of the spread of technical development, the internet, mobile phones and other digital devices (audio books, e-books), we need to carry out an examination in a much wider spectrum since traditional books and press products do not reflect the tendencies of reading habits in the age of information and communication technologies. Our study will present the tendencies that most characterize and define the relation between students and reading. Beside the differences of genders (the majority of women in reading), we will discuss in details the divergences between institutions and faculties. The lead of students who read in the Partium region will be demonstrated based on the number of books bought and the time spent reading. Based on the examination results, we also found the strengthening of informative and entertaining function of the internet. We compared the list of favorite readings and authors with national data and, as a conclusion, we have found that classics still stand time.

Megjelenés dátuma: 2010:05:13
Absztrakt: A Book of the Coetus. A Bible Donation in the History of the Sárospatak Reformed College A student of the college named above was Daniel Samarjai who began his higher studies on June 24. 1622, and died on 5 August in the same year. When he fell seriously ill in his will he bestowed his Latin Bible, edited by S. Pagninus and Th. Beza, published presumably in 1614, on the student body, i. e. coetus, to be read at the daily services. As it is demonstrated in this study, the word school had a totally different meaning in the earlier centuries than it has in our days, i. e. the traditional latin name, coetus, covered the community of successive generations educated in accord with protestant spirituality.

Megjelent: Gerundium
Megjelenés dátuma: 2012:01:30
Absztrakt: Focusing on the first 50 years of its existence, this survey first offers a brief outline of the early history of the Institute of Rabbinical Training (established in Budapest in1877), then it takes stock of the most distinguished representatives of teaching scriptural scholarship (biblical studies) there, the subjects they taught, as well as the completed doctoral dissertations relevant to the field. The review also includes a detailed bibliography of the Institute’s history.

Megjelent: Profuturo
Megjelenés dátuma: 2014:03:11
Absztrakt: According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the united nations (FAo), at least 868 million people are undernourished nowadays. Combating against hunger and malnutrition shall not only be a moral duty, but a legally binding human rights obligation. the right to food is recognized irstly within the text of the Universal Declaration of Human rights adopted in 1948, as part of the right to an adequate standard of living, however nowadays it is considered to be a substantive right. this study deals with the key aspects of the right to adequate food in public international law, including its deinition, content and enforcement, as well.

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